Game Features:
◆ Zombies, zombies, zombies! Enjoy zombie-licious running gameplay. Featuring smooth responsive controls and a fast-paced rhythm, the goal of Z-Run is to run as fast and far as possible along a narrow, dynamically generated pathway, all while outrunning a pack of unpredictable zombies. With simple one-tap finger controls and fluid physics-based movement, you're in for a colorful 3D adventure as you zoom through this mad zombie endless runner!

◆ 30+ fun & wacky characters. Collect coins to upgrade your growing cast of charming, iconic characters. Enjoy this endless running game by playing as Bernie, Santa, Robbie the robber, Uncle Sam, Trump and many more! Create your own crazy zombie escape in this hot new zombie endless runner!

◆ 6 distinct, intriguing levels. Play through six visually engaging, rich game-play environments, each with its own eye-catching 3D theme. Watch out. The longer you play on each level, the speed of gameplay actually increases, and the more aggressive the annoying zombies become! Get ready to run in this colorful heart-pounding running game!

◆ Awesome power-ups & gear. Use your coins to buy a variety of fun & playful power-ups, including a potion that empowers you to super-size and smash zombies, or another to shrink and better outmaneuver them. Other power-ups increase your health or supercharge your run. Get ready for this crazy zombie game, by taking your endless running gameplay to the next level with zombie-fighting gear such as a protective shield, zombie killing fork or zombie crushing hammer! Check it out. Z-Run is set to be your new favorite zombie endless runner!

Are you ready to run through this wild new zombie zone? Download all the crazy fun for FREE now in the Google Play Store!

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Z-Run:  Enjoy playful heart-pounding fun in this hot new endless running game! Use all your agility and speed to escape the relentless villainous zombies before it's too late!  Play as Colin Coffin the Vampire, MC Cash the Rap star, Glitter the Elf, and a host of other charming, wacky and dynamic 3D characters. Tap a single finger to dash at breakneck speed across engaging environments. Discover fickle magical potions, collect coins, unlock new characters and rack up points. Marvel at the lightning fast turbo boost! Test your ability to outrun and outmaneuver ALL the fearsome zombie shenanigans in this exhilarating, high-speed running game! Just how long can you survive this volatile, unpredictable chase? Find out fast!

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Games in Development - We love to daydream about new games that will bring more excitement and adventure to you and the whole mobile gaming industry via your mobile device.  Games currently in the line-up for potential development and release include Runnie Grannie, M-Kitty, Monster Mash, Lightmatters and EVLution.  Stay tuned! Who knows what engaging gaming escapades we will deliver next! 

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